3-2-1 on AI: May Edition

June 6, 2022

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Top picks from the AI Community

  • Facebook-owner Meta is opening up access to a large language model to prevent misuse and "maintain integrity," the tech giant said. The 175-billion-parameter language model will be offered under a noncommercial license to focus on research use cases. (Article)
  • When thinking about the blockers to adoption of AI, one can name several issues. However, none are as significant as accountability (i.e. accountability of the insights, predictions, and classifications served by the AI). An overview of the importance of building accountability in AI-driven systems. (Article)
  • Organizations can no longer adopt AI without also addressing ethical issues. The question is whether they confront them strategically, purposefully, and thoughtfully. A look at concrete steps organizations can start taking right now to move in the right direction. (Article)
  • To generate the optimum results from investments in AI, companies must understand the different ways in which employees and algorithms can be combined and choose the most effective human-AI combination for the challenge at hand. Here are three principles for doing so. (Article)
  • The European Parliament has adopted a report on AI, which sets out a list of demands to secure the EU’s position in AI, and points to research as one of the key means to achieving that goal. MEPs warn the EU must move quickly to set clear rules for AI if it wants to have a say in the future of the technology. (Article)
  • Meta AI announced it's pursuing a long-term research project that will explore how the human brain processes text and speech to develop better AI language models. (Article)
  • It’s clear that the future of Google is tied to AI language models. The company has launched a new app named AI Test Kitchen that will give select individuals access to its latest language models in order to probe them for errors. Think of it as a beta test for Google’s future. (Article)
  • The Ethical AI Governance Group recently published a survey-style “continuum” to provide startups with guidance and recommendations on AI governance and data privacy strategies. EAIGG leadership argues that it's never too early to get AI ethics right, and wants to help startups avoid value-destroying scandals when deploying new technology. (Article)
  • Why is solving for trust in AI still so challenging? Trustworthy AI does not emerge on its own, but it is possible to take a structured approach that includes the organization’s people, processes, and AI-enabling technologies. (Article)
  • For the third year running, AI has been named the top priority for CEOs, according to a new survey by Gartner on a range of issues from the workforce to the environment and digitalization. (Article)
  • British businesses appear to be lagging behind their European counterparts when it comes to implementing AI. However, 71% said that being able to explain how their AI arrived at decisions is important for their business, and 82% believe consumers are more likely to choose a company that offers transparency and an ethical framework for how its data and AI models are built, managed, and used. (Article)
  • The era of black-box AI systems is over. Next-generation systems will optimize the explainability and trustworthiness of the overall human-AI system, and knowledge graphs will serve as a key ingredient that makes these systems more explainable, inspectable, auditable and, ultimately, controllable. (Article)

AI Quotes We Love

Image: IBM – AI ethics in action
“Nearly 80% of CEOs are prepared to take actions to increase AI accountability, up from only 20 percent in 2018.” — IBM
“The manager, as the guarantor of values, will be even more essential in companies that are increasingly turning to the use of AI and robots.” — Besseyre Des Horts
“The artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) market will grow from $13.5 billion in 2020 to more than $40 billion in 2026.” — Mordor Intelligence
“By developing the optimal balance where AI removes labor so human abilities are maximized, businesses will be more efficient, productive, and lucrative.” — Swapnil Mishra
“AI is at its best when it’s supporting human decision-making, not replacing it.” — Ken Seier

Image: BCG – Are You Making the Most of Your Relationship with AI?
“Companies that consider and choose the right human-AI combinations are six times as likely to realize significant financial benefits from AI than companies that don’t. ” — BCG
“When undertaking the next AI project in your organization, ask yourself not just whether AI optimizes your data, but whether AI has access to all the necessary knowledge it needs to present a trustworthy and human experience.” — Mike Tung
“In 2021, ‘AI augmentation,’ defined as the human-centered partnership model of people and AI working together, created an estimated $2.9 trillion in business value.” – Gartner

... and a few updates on Apres

  • This month we hosted our first webinar on the Role of Graph Neural Networks in Enterprise Data Science. Watch the recording anytime here and subscribe to our new webinar channel.
  • Our Engaged AI solution was featured in an in-depth market study of the burgeoning ethical AI startups landscape organized by the Ethical AI Database project in partnership with the Ethical AI Governance Group (EAIGG).