Why we started Apres

August 27, 2021

We live in a world brought to you by data.

What you read. Who you wear. How you socialize. Even the way you’ve navigated here…

Each interaction sculpted from the data you’ve created. All aiming to bring you to the right experience at the optimal time.

A brave new world, brought to you by data.

For technologist, this is table stakes. For consumers, an afterthought. But for business owners, it’s a fact that you live and die by.

So, how does the current operational model hold up against these new dynamics? Ones requiring systems to interact with humans and machines to produce organizational value. Coordinating, updating and driving millions of data points in a single direction.

We’re in new territory.

Where these concerns were once high-technology problems, they’re inherent now too in companies of all sizes.

A solution then would new thinking and designing toward the abstraction. A way for human processes to intertwine with machined results. A way to augment your workforce.

We started Apres in early 2018 to provide this new infrastructure. An operational backbone to serve this new world. A human/machine platform to scale data operations on-demand.

We knew the interface was important. Not everyone needing this data would code, and the current solutions overlooked this fact.

So we built it.

A platform to integrate the data you already have, design the data that you need and deliver actionable results in a few clicks. All within an interface anyone can use-no coding required.

In these early days, we’re machining the results with a human workforce. Trusted experts trained in this new medium. We’re working on solutions to allow machines the first pass, with humans managing for quality.

And always for the results that are low confidence, we will inject the human resources where required — at scale and on time.

This exemplifies our mission to scale the worlds intelligence.

To answer the question — “how do we make this intelligent”.