Meet the people-first
AI platform
Apres makes it way easier for anyone to understand and influence AI decisions. We call it Engaged AI. It is AI for everybody – by everybody.

Continuous optimization, powered by your team.

Transforming model performance with your team's unique insights.

Your model and your business  working together

Automated tools to merge, organize and optimize your data. Creating a meaningful conversation between your model and your team.

Integrate data sources

Combine every bit of data that goes into ML decision-making, from batch data sources like Amazon S3 and Azure Blobs, to streaming and model data sources. Apres executes on-the-fly transformations and makes sure your team has the insights and features it needs to win.

Data Source

Generate context-aware relationships

Linking and labeling data is just the beginning. The Apres Knowledge Graph offers a multi-dimensional view of how your data impacts decision-making.

Context Aware

Create new features, rules and alerts

Automate actions based on the newly identified relationships to drive more meaningful outcomes. Version-control new actions and their features and monitor their impact over time.

Rule Evaluation

Manage features as relationships

Define features in human-readable ways that lend more interpretability to the end-decision. Produce training sets that your team can execute in their preferred environment. Serve features to production in a way that's compliant.


More features to discover

Automate transformations

Ensure every new feature is available to your team, and your model, whenever needed.

Ensure data consistency

Solve for common data issues as they arise with a complete picture of your information.

Monitor data quality KPIs

Make sure that the data driving your decisions is meeting the needs of your business.

Search and discover

Make the complex task of finding information simple and intuitive to your entire team.


Build trust and understanding

Generate insights and explanations for your team to react to – no matter their level of technical know how

Understand Model Behavior

Give your organization a single source of truth for all model decisions. Navigate compliance with ease, thanks to version-controlled explanations and reporting. Ensure your team understands every action, every time.

James Smith

Maximize Interpretation

Generate meaningful interpretations that help your team take the best next action. This goes way beyond traditional reporting.

James Smith

Turn your team's knowledge into model optimization

Now turn your team loose – with Engaged AI, everybody can help shape model decision making.

Annotate new behavior

Experts can share their insights into the data at any point, with tools that augment understanding at every level of data. From rows, to columns, to data points and findings, everyone on your team can share learnings that could impact model results.

Annotate new Behavior

Share reports

We make it easy to collaborate across teams, create new reports, and remix model findings to spread unique, valuable insights across your organization.

Share Report

Track changes

Monitor changes at every step of their lifecycle. Validate ingested data and its transformations and track every manipulation through time to replay results whenever you want.

Track Changes

Enterprise-ready infrastructure

Everything you need to deploy with confidence.

Enterprise-grade security

Every account is a single-tenant instance, ensuring your data never leaves your account. Control access to individual features with Access Control and on-premises deployments available upon request.

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Built for scale

Support hundreds of models, thousands of features, and millions of predictions. Start small and Apres will scale with you.