Beat churn in actionable detail
Customer retention is a process problem. Engaged AI brings your entire organization into a dynamic conversation with your model about how to drive engagement and retain customers.
Discover New Relationships

Insights built for your entire team

Engaged AI uncovers the most important details impacting your customer relationships. Explained in natural, actionable details that anyone from your business to technical teams can account for.

Apres collaboration features
Engage Your Entire Team

Empower your team to improve performance

Engaged AI helps your entire team work with your model to improve results. Through our natural language interface, your agents, experts, salespeople (and anyone else) can integrate feedback and quickly improve model performance.

Automated Reporting & Audit

Delight data science (not a typo)

Automate feature discovery and validation without breaking a sweat. Ship your learnings back to your team and to production, with a full audit log.

Deliver Confidence

Simulate results and change your business

Our tools allow people in charge to understand the problem of churn on a conceptual level, in ways no other platform does. And our interface makes sure the right individuals get the right information to take action.

Features to improve customer retention

Teams love Engaged AI because it gives them super powers. Tools like simulation and reporting, paired with the power to turn feedback into model performance.

Interpret Decisions

Every decision explained in natural language, the way your entire team understands.

Manage Cases

Perform your current workflow inside or outside the platform, tracked for meaningful data.

Discover Rules

Automatically extract and analyze meaningful heuristics that can improve performance.

"Apres has been great for us at Kimo. Easy to work with, to-the-point and very responsive. We couldn't recommend it enough."

Rens ter Weijde

Chief Executive Officer


"Apres helps our team deliver the training data we need to quickly iterate on our AI models."

Reed Rawhouser

AI Product Manager


"Apres helps our AI team achieve the high-confidence results that we need. It cuts down our development time significantly. "

Nazar Hembara

Chief Executive Officer