Evolve beyond first-generation explainability
Apres moves beyond post-hoc monitoring to provide your teams with true governance. Understand and audit every decision your model has made, and provide real-time feedback to improve the performance of your model.
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Integrate With Any Model

Data-first, model agnostic integration

Legacy, proprietary, current and new—doesn’t matter, Apres will integrate with your infrastructure. We accomplish this by mimicking the behavior of your model and explaining what’s actually happening. Read our white paper for a breakdown of the science that makes our approach special.

How Apres explains every decision
Engage Your Entire Team

Fully interpretable and continuously improving

All of our learnings are packaged in a natural language platform with a feature we call narratives. Narratives don’t just make decisions explainable to anyone—they allow you to tell us if those decisions are right or wrong, and incorporate that feedback so your model continuously improves. The result: easy compliance, incredible performance, and organization-wide trust.

Automated Reporting & Audit

Audit and compliance ready from the get-go

GDPR is just the beginning of a wave of regulatory moves that will transform AI—and Apres is ready to help. Our data-first integration and natural language interface allow you to explain any decision, at any time, with a full audit log of how you got there.

Deliver Confidence

Put your organization on the right side of AI

Transparent, truly governable AI isn’t just compliance-ready. It’s powerful. It makes teams happier. And it’s ethical. Check out our mission statement, where we wax philosophical on our perspective, and exactly why we think we’ve got the winning approach.

Features to improve AI adoption and trust

Teams love our tools, because our tools make team members feel like heroes. Simulate events, run counterfactuals, turn feedback into heuristics and policies, and more.

Interpret Decisions

Every decision explained in natural language, the way your entire team understands.

Manage Cases

Perform your current workflow inside or outside the platform, tracked for meaningful data.

Discover Rules

Automatically extract and analyze meaningful heuristics that can improve performance.

Audit & Compliance

The reporting necessary to make sure that your team always trusts model behavior.

"Apres has been great for us at Kimo. Easy to work with, to-the-point and very responsive. We couldn't recommend it enough."

Rens ter Weijde

Chief Executive Officer


"Apres helps our team deliver the training data we need to quickly iterate on our AI models."

Reed Rawhouser

AI Product Manager


"Apres helps our AI team achieve the high-confidence results that we need. It cuts down our development time significantly. "

Nazar Hembara

Chief Executive Officer